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The mission of the World Wars Muslim Memorial Trust is to honour the many hundreds of thousands of Muslim soldiers from the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East and North Africa, who served with Britain and its Allies in the two World Wars. It will also honour Muslim personnel from the United Kingdom who have died in combat in recent times.


The objective is to locate a memorial within the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire where it would be freely accessible to the public. Small boards close to the base of the Memorial will have a QR Code enabling visitors to access stories and exhibits relating to the history of both World Wars and after. These will serve to educate the wider public about the role played by Muslim soldiers and their the sacrifices they made.

The idea of the World Wars Muslim Memorial Trust was conceived in November 2015, on the initiative of Tazi Husain, a retired NHS consultant surgeon, and inspired by Dr Irfan Malik, a practising Nottingham GP. At that time they both felt that in the Centenary commemoration of World War 1, the contribution of the soldiers from the Indian Subcontinent, in particular Muslim soldiers, had been largely forgotten. They were quickly joined by other like-minded persons and in a meeting in January 2016 the vision expanded to include all Muslims soldiers from around the world.  The mission and objectives of the Trust were formulated and agreed.

6th D of Connaught's Own Watson's Horse.jpg

6th D of Connaught's Own Watson's Horse

10th Baluch Regt.jpg

10th Baluch Regt

10th Q V Own Guides Cavalry.jpg

10th Q V Own Guides Cavalry

14th Punjab Regt.jpg

14th Punjab Regt





Royal Indian Air Force.jpg

Royal Indian Air Force

1st Punjab Regt (2).jpg

1st Punjab Regt

12 FF Regt.jpg

12 FF Regt

11th PAVO Cavalry FF.jpg

11th PAVO Cavalry FF

15th Punjab Regt.jpg

15th Punjab Regt



Indian Artillery (2).jpg

Indian Artillery

WAC (I) - Copy.jpg


5th K.E VII Own Probyn's Horse.jpg

5th K.E VII Own Probyn's Horse

8th Punjab Regt.jpg

8th Punjab Regt

13th FF Rifles.jpg

13th FF Rifles

12th Sam Browne's Cavalry FF.jpg

12th Sam Browne's Cavalry FF

16th Punjab Regt.jpg

16th Punjab Regt

Indian Engineers.jpg

Indian Engineers



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