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This site still exists and takes you to the title page of Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, though whether the Foundation is still active is uncertain.  It’s site covers Muslim soldiers from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.  I once met Luc Ferrier, Chairman and Founder of the Foundation.  The title page of the web site is signed by Hayyan Azaz Bhaba, a retired British Army Captain who served in Afghanistan.  He was Executive Director, The Muslim Experience in WW1 from October 1916-April 1919. A link from there takes you to the Islamic Human Rights Commission and a blog by Arzu Merali – “Why can’t the British Army recruit Muslims?”  It also links to an advertisement for a beautifully produced book “The Unknown Fallen”

There is a page of casualty statistics covering many participating nations attributed to The Robert Schuman European Centre but I have been unable to verify the accuracy of the numbers.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the section Find Records takes you to the search engine for Find War Dead 

Imperial War Museum

National Army Museum

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